Mazda to Zoom it Again With Its All-New Cars


The car is not just an essential vehicle to put your life in a fast track while you are struggling with the rapidly changing times and high traffic, but your choice of the car also reveals your personality. However, what would you say about the car manufacturer, which has sold more than 3 million units of its new production globally within the past four years with the Tagline Zoom-Zoom. The last year had been a zooming year for Mazda with the sales increase of up to 8%, which is more than twice the average sales in the industry. The question is defiant if I say even with these remarkable numbers, the Zoom-Zoom tag of Mazda is fading out of the market.


It’s a no-brainer that the company is back with a bang, a.k.a. Zoom-Zoom along with appreciations and applauds from the automobile industry. The achievements are indeed impressive at a first glance:


  • Mazda’s flagship is experiencing its best year since 2006 with the Mazda 6, an all-new next-gen car that has already grabbed the title of the most improved non-premium vehicle by virtue of its powerful performance, smooth execution and stylish layout in the prestigious J.D. Power APEAL study.


  • The company has won the highest honor in the mid-sized car bandwagon, leaving behind the up-roared competitors such as Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry.


  • The above average sale with the highest mark is the story revealing its plot itself.


  • The year 2014 was marked as the wonder year for Mazda with 17% improvement compared to the last ten years.


But, what is so fuss about the improved Mazda that has rumored the industry with alarming buzz?


Is it Masamichi Kogai, who managed to be the standalone manufacturer having two cars in top 10 lists of Car & Driver behind the buzz, or is it the market share of the brand that has remained capped at approximately 2% even with numerous awards and the recognition? It has been 15 years since the company has introduced the emotional advertisement with Zoom-Zoom slogan to pitch its cars for the pleasure of driving, but with CX-3 crossover, redesigned MX-5 Miata roadster, and the newly launched tagline “Driving Matters”, the company is hopeful to erase the decades-long turmoil of non-recognition and low profitability reputation.


After the infamous Ford breakup and Recession, the Japanese brand is now looking forward to thwack the market with increasing sales apart from the much-awaited media attention. The irony is when all other brands are looking offshore for profit maximization in terms of production and assembly line, this company is still attached to its parents in Hiroshima. Although with the new-generation lineup, it has cleared its intention to zoom the market against the odds of small or midsize cars,  Sergio Marchionne, the Chairperson of famous Fiat Chrysler says the future is there only for the giant ones.


Could Mazda use the second Zoom?


If the words of Mazda’s president are believed, with the new SKYACTIV Technology and the KODO-Soul of the motor design theme, the company is busy in the making of a car, which will be the beauty of the Venus and have animalistic moves that are strong, consistent and completely-redesigned.


The message is clear, “Mazda is going to use the second zoom in the second inning with a roar.”