Let’s Recap On The 2015 Chicago Auto Show As The Year Comes To An End

The Chicago Auto Show has for over one hundred years become an exquisite display of today’s automotive makers abilities. It’s a luxurious event that takes place every year at Chicago’s infamous McCormick Place located on South Lake Shore Drive. McCormick place is the largest convention center in North America and it makes the Chicago Auto Show the largest as well. This innovative event happens every February for nine days straight with guests coming in from Wisconsin, Iowa, all over Illinois and the country. In 2015 the Chicago Auto show alone helped raise over two million dollars for eighteen different Chicago charities. We will soon be heading into the new year which means that in just two short months the 2016 Chicago Auto Show will be here before you know it. Incase you missed the 2015 Chicago Auto Show here are some highlights that you might have missed and need to watch out for in February 2016.


This was a big year for Hyundai as they have unveiled some of their finest made cars. The 2016 Veloster Rally Edition and the Elantra GT Hyundai caught everyone’s eye this year. The Veloster Rally Edition has improved fuel economy by seven percent with the seven-speed-dual-clutch automatic engines. These fine vehicles are equipped with LED lights, touch screens, and easy remote controls. The four door Rally Editions come in a matte blue with black interior. The Elantra GT updates were mainly interior. With sleek and new look inside this car can keep up with with your technology needs. With smartphone apps and latest touchscreen accessories Hyundai has been a big topic of conversation this year.


Another star this year was the Kia Trail’ster Concept. This smart car based off the Kia Soul has the ability to run on purely electricity at slower speeds and only used gas for acceleration. The retractable canvas is one of everyone’s favorite features. This concept is just that as of right now but even the executives at Kia incline that it could very well be a possibility. This small but tough vehicle is said to be able to go from road to off-road without hesitation. Kia will be on next year’s show room watch for many.


The Ram Laramie Limited’s are becoming America’s next family car. The luxury that these pick-ups have now is quite amazing. The large four door cabin is equipped with all sedan-like amenities. Many people like having the ease and usefulness of having a truck. Dodge has made it easy for families to have a all of their needs placed into one sophisticated truck.


The Ford Police Interceptor has shown with the help of their police advisory board what they can do to help insure enforcement protection. The features of this Ford Explorer influenced vehicle include Surveillance Mode which enables you to know if there is something or someone at the rear of the vehicle, ballistics shields, the ability to reach 365 horsepower when entering a high speed pursuit, and has the unique EcoBoost engine. Ford has been proud to enable law enforcement with such high standard vehicles.
Now that this year is coming to an end and soon the next Chicago Auto Show will be here. Give yourself a minute to recollect on the past year. These are few of the many major highlights made in the February 2015 Auto Show. Don’t forget to check out the rest before next year’s big show.