Chicago Cars Winter Preparation

So far we were experiencing quite the mild winter. Now as most Chicagoans know that this isn’t the case anymore and they will have to deal with the cold and icy fingers of winter encroaching on their lives. For car owners there are some things to do to prepare yourselves and your vehicles in surviving the next two to three months of the harsh winter.

Traveling in the winter months can wreak havoc on your cars and leave you in unprepared situations. Here are some of the steps to take to avoid any tragedies or hard aches during the winter season that is now upon the city of Chicago.

Prepared Traveling

A lot of tires can lose anywhere from 2 to 10 pounds over night in the cold frigid air. It’s imperative to check those tires before it gets to busy over at the local gas station air pump or take advantage of the free air pumping at tire retailers and mechanics who can get these levels up before it is too late and the wheels are too low and you’re left with a flat tire.

Make sure your battery strength is on par with normal levels. During the cold months the last thing you want to do is to be outside using jumper cables to get the car back into shape. This is an inconvenience at anytime of the year that can turn especially dangerous in the cold weather. If you have a garage, utilize it and park the car in the garage. It is going to save the car from the wear and tear of the elements and also be helpful when leaving in the morning for work.

Cars can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to warm up in the cold weather and defrost the windows to be able to see out of them. Make sure to stock the car with extra supplies like another coat and pair of gloves and a hat.  Make sure there is enough food and water for all passengers. You don’t want to be one of those stories of people being trapped out in the cold winter for days without anything to assist them. If you’re needing extra help in the form of cash to pick up some of these supplies, there’s convenient ways in Chicago to get it. Take a look at some local car title loan location options to help you brave the cold.   

Driving in the Cold

The number one thing to worry about is the icy conditions and thick snow that is going to pile up. Do not ever directly slam on the brakes during a long patch of ice.  While skidding out or sliding on the ice, avoid pressing down too hard on the brakes and instead glide with it to avoid crashing into any snow banks or other vehicles.

Most drivers know to drive below the speed limit in incredibly snowy conditions as the roads have yet to clear and the visibility is limited for drivers.  Avoid using cruise control during these types of conditions and make sure eyes are on the road to ensure that you have a safe winter traveling in these bad conditions. Keep you and your car safe this winter and brave the Chicago cold.