Chicago Bentley Gold Coast Review

History of the Coast

The Gold Coast of Chicago stands as one of the most luxurious and expensive neighborhoods in the city of Chicago and Illinois. Consumers looking for high-end cars should look no further than then Bentley Gold Coast auto dealer. Located on 834 N Rush St, in Chicago it is in the heart of the action and riches. Lake Shore drive has a long history and is a popular spot that is frequently visited among Chicagoans and tourists. In the late 1800’s it was a spot for mansions being built by the elite and reach. Wealthy families began moving into the area and giving it the reputation that it has to this day.

As time went by these luxurious mansions were soon overtaken by the luxurious high-rises the area boasts today. Today’s Gold Coast has all the same prestige it from the 1900’s and is a bastion of wealth for the city. If you’re looking for an equally prestigious dealership then Bentley Gold Coast is the place.

About their Company

Bentley Gold Coast houses some of the most expensive and high-end vehicles in the entire world. They have scores of Bentleys, Bugattis, Roll-Royce, Lamborghinis and Ferraris and Maseratis. They’re right off the Magnificent Mile as well.  The auto dealer also sells other high-end vehicles like flagships of major companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Their showroom is quite immaculate, as they want to set a standard for the place they showcase these expensive and luxurious cars. Potential owners will be greeted to dealers dressed in suits and ready to let them see the cars and test drive them if necessary. The inner part of the showroom shows expertly handcrafted signs of brands and exudes a sophisticated atmosphere. It’s meets the standards of a place you’d expect to be buying cars that are worth more then most houses.

Bentley Gold Coast’s staff makes sure to treat customers with respect and give them the most current information on new models and specifications. They prove to be very helpful.

Services & Reviews

It’s helpful to note that the Bentley Service department is the only authorized Service Company in the Chicago land area. All Bentley Gold Coast technicians are certified and have gone through a lot of training. All members are experienced and perform a multitude of services that range from regular maintenance on cars to complete repairs.  All of their work is under an unlimited mileage guarantee and a one-year warranty that includes every single parts and labor. Some of the work they do include repairing wheels, alignment and new tires. They can also remove paintless dents, repair leather and are equipped with the tools for full interior and exterior detailing.

Customers also really seem to like the dealership. The dealership supplies local Illinois residents and customers across the country. One customer remarked on their cross-country transaction about that the dealer that “He described the car in detail. He answered all my questions in detail. He made the transaction easy and pressure free. “

For something so high end and in charge of millions of dollars worth of cars they have a very friendly attitude at the shop and are more then willing to help and inform potential customers.