Car Accessories to Help You Make it Through the Winter

Car Accessories to Help You Make it Through the Winter

Ah Chicago. We all know it’s a beautiful city, especially in the winter when the snow starts coming down. While all that snow might be beautiful to look at, though, it’s not particularly good for your car.

Fortunately, there are many items and accessories you can purchase to help your vehicle (and your family!) make it through the Chicago winter safely.


Auto Dolly Storage Systems

If you’re really serious about protecting your vehicle or if you have a show car you intend to store in the winter months, an auto dolly storage system is exactly what you need.

These systems make storing your vehicle super easy, thanks to their wide platform. All you have to do is put the included dollies under each of your wheels and then get the vehicle into place and safely tucked away for the winter. Most storage system models can handle up to 6,000 pounds of weight, but always check to ensure that the system you’re buying is suitable for your car.


Snow Shades

You’ve probably heard of sun shades, which are used to protect your car from those intense summer rays. However, snow and ice can be just as damaging, which is where snow shades come in.

These convenient covers can be custom-fitted to your windshield and easily slipped on and off. When you’re parking your vehicle out in the snow, a snow shade will protect your windshield from snow, sleet, and ice, reducing the risk of your windshield cracking or shattering under the pressure.

As an added bonus, your snow shade will also make it so that you can just get in your car and go…instead of standing out in the snow, freezing while you scrape away the ice!


Combination Battery Chargers/Protectors

The winter weather can be really tough on your car’s battery. Fortunately, there are combo battery chargers and protectors to help your battery brave the cold.

Once installed, the right battery protector will monitor your battery voltage and automatically prevent the battery from draining when it gets low. You don’t have to do anything- this tool will take care of it for you AND keep you from ever being left out in the cold again.


Remote Starter Systems

If your vehicle isn’t already equipped with a remote starter system, then you’re missing out. Imagine going outside on a chilly morning and slipping into a car that’s already warmed up and ready to go!

With a good remote starter system, that’s entirely possible. You can start your car and even turn on the heat without stepping a foot outside, keeping you from ever having to step into an icy cold car again.

As you can see, there are all kinds of great accessories to get you and your car through the winter. Find the ones you can’t live without and place your order before it gets REALLY cold!