2016 Chevrolet Malibu 1.5T – Is it Really the car America could build?

The Malibu mid-size Sedan is a new edition in Chevrolet, the brand that said, “The car you knew America can build”. The J.D. Power award in 2015 ranked Malibu the highest among midsize cars with initial quality. This year, Chevy is flaunting the car with the statement “Fuel Efficient In Mid-Size Sedan”  that I believe will surely turn many heads. Although Malibu still hasn’t succeeded in getting over its deplorable design impression, still let’s see with 1.5T, what Chevrolet Malibu brings for us.


Exterior that speaks I have learnt my lesson


It is inappropriate to say that the Malibu has changed completely and now you are not going to curse the designers’ obsession over the previous banality as compared to its Asian or German competitors, yet the effort to add more charm to the outlook of the car is not in vain. The new improvised Malibu is all set to steal the market share while trying hard to out-number all the previous denunciations.


The 2016 Malibu LT is equipped with wealthy amenities like first-ever built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi including sleek design and 22/32 MPG estimated ERA. It is more silent, more strong, more smooth and ready to give better performance. The aggressive front end and appealingly styled sheet metal are ready to break its dreariness, which was earlier the clear infirmity of the brand in the fraternity of sedans. The interior is more spacious while the four-wheel anti-lock brakes are there to enhance the performance. The tuned-suspension, quiet cabin and upscale materials, all are set to provide premium driving experience.


1.5L Ecotech engine is ready to roar


The 1.5 Liter Malibu weighs just 3159 pounds with 250hp. The slender version looks more adroit than other heavier turbo. The car takes only 6.1 seconds to achieve the speed from 0-60KM/H, and is perfectly fit to attend 5 passengers under the roof. The engine is turbo-charged, intercooler  DOHC of 16-valve inline-4 with aluminum block and head. The 184 lb-ft torque and automatic stop/start are efficient for the sheer performance @ 2000 rpm.


Safety features and other specifications


The 10 airbags with a 360-degree sensor that sends automatic alerts when in need is the credible impression, but the 7.0-inch touchscreen that is fully connected to Wi-Fi enable to create a hotspot with built-in USB port. On the other hand, the wireless charging station is the desired infotainment that makes it a car of the masses. The front of the car is equipped with LED daytime running lamps, the rear is fortified with the dual exhaust outlets whereas the steering has mounted controls.




As compared to Mazda 6 or Honda Accord, the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu 1.5T is neither sporty in look nor it has an intuitive connection, yet the car has the modicum past impression along with its dynamic refinement in addition to good chassis, dash fabric and excellent upholstery.


Overall, the base price $ 25,895 is justified with the features that Malibu offers in the middle sedan segments. The high infotainment features and the plush ride are all ready to woo customers again toward the General Motor with open arms.